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Thread: X-MAXX time!

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    X-MAXX time!

    Been a while since I last posted but just wanted to say thanks for all the info you guys have been sharing with all your R&D. So anyway I picked up a used 8SMAXX recently from my local hobby store. No body so I got a Hawaiian body for it. Today I plan on doing some body reinforcements. It came with the stainless steel underbody kit, racers edge aluminum shocks, 6max hw esc (spelling)?, wheelie bars and a couple other bits for $570 w/out batteries. Pretty good deal I think.

    A little history now...
    I bought my 1st Slash 4wd back in Oct of 16... got a Traxxas brochure from my local Hobbytown. The OBA peaked my interest tbo... so (fastforward) I now still have my 4wd drive which is setup for carpet racing at a local RC club which has recently stopped. Lack of funds, boo!

    A 2wd slash I have added many aftermarket parts to (basher) but I may race outdoor oval with it this year, a 4tec 2.0 I raced on carpet as well but plan on setting up to drift it also. Also have the 1st gen 6S Revo that I tear up the local parks with. Have a TA 2wd buggy kit I built and raced and a used TA tc6 vta car I raced as well. So I guess you could say I kind of got into the RC stuff just slightly.

    Anyway have not much to share (yet) other than to say thanks for all the tips and tricks for the XMAXX! Will I try to get some pics of my RC cars to share in the near future.

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    Good to hear you picked up the coolest body available for the X-Maxx.
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