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    TMax 2.5 converted to hobbywing Max 8

    Hi guys I'm new here, I was given a trax Tmax 2.5 removed the glow motor and some other bits built a bespoke mount for the Max 8 and 150Amp ESC.

    I pulled the box apart and removed the 1st gear locked up the shaft then modified its throw out clutch system to a solid drive to have the fwd reverse on the ESC.....
    I'm new to RC and I just wanted to say this thing on 4 s is insane, Insane! it just wheelies even at speed just bump the gas and it wheelies
    I built a wheelie bar that has been distryoyed now on its first outing ( my god was it fun) so it's back in the workshop for now.

    I seem to have torn off the UJ that drives the rear axle do you guys also suffer this problem? Do most of you make bespoke shafts?

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    26's fast on 4S, but try 6S like mine....I don't really don't recommend it unless you're willing to upgrade to the extent like I did to mine.

    The OEM styled diffs will blow out. Even on 4S they will. The plastic cases cannot withstand the power of the electric motor's torque. The plastic driveshafts will break. I upgraded all the transmission bearings to AVID ones. So far the transmission has held up since the upgrade and new synthetic grease.

    Good luck. 4S power will begin to show you the weak links.

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