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    Lightbulb Motor heat "problem"?

    Hello everyone. A few days ago I bought a mini E-revo VXL. I'm back in the hobby after 6 years. So my question is that I run with 2 2s lipos and one 3s lipo. When I run with 3s I realised the motor is pretty hot, I couldn't touch it. I put a fan a with zip ties but I'm still worried. Today with the 3s when I touched the motor I could hold my finger only 3 second. I don't know what is the normal temperature and can I check it without termometer? I will buy soon but I gived away all my money for the beast And gearing is stock 23/50!

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    Welcome back to the hobby and to the forums!

    I bought a 1/16 E-Revo VXL back in 2009 and the only thing that happened to that motor in 2019 was that I had to replace the rotor. Now I can tell you that I used that Merv on a monthly basis for 10 years, and the motor I swear was so hot that if it were dark enough outside, it would have glowed like a firefly........well not that darn hot, but hot enough that I didn't even want to touch it to feel how hot.

    For five of those ten years, I ran on strictly 3S for the latter five years.

    Did I get lucky and have a motor that was cast to be good enough to withstand extreme thermal conditions or can these little motors just handle the heat better than the 1/10 scale motors? I don't know, but I can say that I bought a second brand new Merv back in 2017 because I want to see how long this Velineon 380 motor lasts before the rotor goes out in it.

    Honestly, these little Merv's have been the best little $300 investments I have ever made for the fun factor. I swear these little scale vehicles bring a smile to my face better than some of the best larger scale vehicles money can buy.

    Oh, and the durability factor..........take this into consideration, outside the fact of how long I just mentioned a motor went without having problems------- I had a full speed cartwheel episode where the Merv tumbled down the road for 8 full seconds before it came to a stop. I didn't even have a stripped servo after the crash, and I'm using the stock plastic gear servos. I just had to replace the body and remarkably, the wing remained undamaged as well.

    I'm not trying to promote this vehicle as being indestructible by any means; but I sure have been impressed with the investments I made with this particular vehicle from Traxxas.
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    Welcome To The Futures' Past!

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    Wow, thanks for the long reply. So I don't have to worry that much. I will do my best to cool down everything. I will soon gear it down a little just because I want to wake up the "monster spirit" in the beast. I'm not much for the speed, but when i see it run offroad it puts a smile on my face. Thanks again, now I can keep it calm.

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