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    E-Revo Revamp 2019

    As mentioned in the Purchase thread, I broke the Brushed E-Revo I bought back in 2008 and swapped to a Titan 775 after the Summit came out but haven't really beat in the the truck in at least 5 years before trying on May 17th and grenading the right rear stub axle while bashing with a friend and former co-worker.

    To start with, here's what the truck looked like as we were lining up our bashing session Wednesday night.

    Well, the image isn't great here since it was taken with the flash from my Galaxy S5 and backed up by the lights on my Friend's Summit.

    Well, after we finished up (we both had to work Saturday morning), I was driving home from where we met up and remembered something I was considering when I still worked at my local HTU 3 years ago but forgot about when that job ended and decided to do that. What that was is to leave it with the 775, since it makes more than enough power to destroy things from the the trans outputs into the ground, but go with all the RPM suspension goodies and carriers (bearings are still factory, so might as well), aluminum tie rods , ect. I then decided to add the red aluminum goodies from Traxxas, Ti hinge pins, and eventually E-Maxx Brushless Edition Premounts (same as what it has now, but black chrome and premounted), EXO-Carbon wing, E-Revo 2.0 body and mounting parts (did some guesstimating when at a different LHS than I worked at, looks like they will fit).

    This is what I have on order right now, with the exception of the paints, which will be used on the J-Concepts body I bought for my Stampede back in Sept 2018 and have yet to paint, is the start of the parts for this revamp.

    Once I get these in, I'll start building the corners while i'm waiting on the red bulkhead/hingepin braces and Tubes tierods to come off back order then I will order those and the pins so I can install those assemblies. and eventually the body, paint and related parts for that , wing and rolling stock.

    This ain't going to be cheap or a sensible use of funds......but it is the R/C Hobby and what hobby actually makes financial sense
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