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    Need help putting together a Stampede 4x4 Kit with CC 1410 3800kv sensorless

    Hello everyone !

    So I wanted to put together a casual bashing truck for my son who is only 6 years old. He has been bashing with 1/14 scale trucks and he is asking for a bigger truck

    I still have a brand new Castle creations 1410 sensorless 3800kv motor in the box and now there is a stampede kit I could put together with that motor for casual bashing ? limiting speed for sure.

    I'm planning on using 2S only and don't need more than 30 mph. I will also limit the throttle with the transmitter , even 30mph is still too fast for him right now. I just want to invest on a truck that could last for a few years for him.

    Having said all this I wanted to ask recommendations on speed controller for this cc 3800kv sensorless and using only 2S. Gearing could be low for no more than 30 mph.

    I was checking into hobbywing and sidewinder options. I saw the SCT versions have more amps which would maybe help giving the weight of the stampede ?

    Would a hobbywing max10 60A do the job ? or would I need a SCT version which has 120A ? I just don't want an overkill ESC for 2S on a 3800kv motor.

    As for sidewinder I saw the 3 would be too low for a MT but the 4 seems like overkill ?

    That was my most important question, but still additionally I wanted to ask opinion on this servo for that kit:

    JX Servo PDI-6225MG-300 25kg Metal Gear Digital Servo or any other JX equivalent 20kg or 25kg.

    Anyone knows the exact dimensions required for the servo on that kit ??

    Last but not least if you have recommendations on a transmitter that could have throttle control for my crazy 6 years old :-D

    I saw this spectrum2 which is not the best reviewed and no foam on wheel but it looks smaller which helps my son's still small hands, it has throttle limiterl :

    Thank you guys a bunch !
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    I would recommend the hobbywing Max 10 SCT ESC, as it can handle a more powerful motor if you want to upgrade at some point. That motor will do fine on 2s, especially with the conservative gearing you plan to use. Others who have used the CC 3800KV motor have reported heat issues but a heatsink and fan should keep your temps reasonable. That servo will do fine and will fit, as it is a standard size servo. I do not know of any other radios that have a throttle limiting switch, but that radio should do fine.

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