Hi everyone,

I started the break-in of my Revo a few days ago and I am in need of a little bit of help getting the car set up properly.

The first and second tank went really well but on the third tank the Revo developed two problems. First I lost one of the brake pads, then the slipper clutch pads went. I postponed the rest of the break-in until I could get the repairs done. When I inspected the Revo further I found a lot of very fine plastic debris that appeared to be coming from the spur gear. I had a spare spur gear and decided to install and align it using the paper method and the mesh did seem to be less tight than the previous setting. I carefully replaced the slipper clutch as well and tightened the clutch a bit more than before. Finally I replaced the brake pads but I was not exactly sure on how far down the two mounting bolts on the transmission should be tightened. I decided to leave them very loose to allow plenty of free-play for the disk but I am not certain that is correct. Any advice on this would be much appreciated!!

Today I got to run the Revo for the final three tanks and I was able to lean out the fuel mixture enough that the Revo does not produce any oil from the exhaust. The engine sounds better and feels more responsive than before while still giving off a reasonable amount of blue smoke. I am not sure I am running it as lean as I could but I am trying to err on the side of caution. I am almost three-quarter turn out from factory settings on the carb but maybe there is more of a margin to play with?

The slipper clutch has given me no problems but I am considering tightening it a bit more as the Revo seems to be slow off the line on pavement. I wonder if the slipper clutch is set to be too loose? I do not mind the slower acceleration but I think I will try to tighten it ever so slightly to see if I can detect any improvements.

The new spur gear is also giving off fine plastic debris but nowhere near the amount that the old one did. I wonder if my gear mesh is still too tight or if some debris is normal?

The Revo did end up destroying another brake pad on the last tank. I searched online to see if I could find any info as to why but I have had no success. If you have any advice or comments on how to set up the brakes and the gear mesh, I would appreciate it very much!!

Thank you!!