So i know back when i was watching my brother running his 2.5 T-MAXX when the 4 AA battery's would die the truck would runaway as we would all yell. Never had it happen with my revo i had times when the throttle would not respond i just figured the censers were stopping the tuck from doing so since the battery was low. well the other day i had a runway with the revo after chasing it down and it hitting a wall and breaking itself i got a hold of it and some bad Indian burn on my arm from spinning full speed MAXX tiers.

And now when i flip the switch to give the truck power the steering servos are twitching more the left one then the right one will do it as well. the right one will do it on and off and the throttle with be fine until i give it break then it will start twitching and going back and forth vary fast until being stuck at full throttle pushing so far its bending the throttle link.

Any ideas on this. is it just a bad servo for the throttle or is there something funking going on?
and this is the 2.5 nitro revo with the TQ3 raidio system.