i ended up getting a really good deal on the QuicRun motor and ESC for my teton but now the pinion gear shaft is 2.3mm vs the 2mm the stock motor was. so the stock pinion gear will not work. i've broken two drill bits trying to open the hole up slightly so i'm done with that.

i need help finding a pinion and spur gear combo that will work well with the 4500 kv motor, have the 2.3mm hole for the shaft, and have the correct pitch to mesh well. i can find LaTrax spur gears in 50t, ,52t, 54t, 60t but cannot find what pitch they are to match a pinion! it's so frustrating. idk if it's just me missing something when i'm reading or what.....

i would prefer 54t spur and an 18t pinion but at this point i'll take just about anything.

please help!

thank you