Hello everyone !!!

When building my new stampede kit, I have noticed when connecting the center driveshaft to the differential output gear there is a gap. If you pull and push the center driveshaft once connected there is like a 2 mm gap where the output diff gear can move in and out.

When pulled those 2 mm the differential moves smooth when turned with my hand. if pushed those 2 mm (the output gear in) then the differential won't move as smooth and feels like stuck a little bit or friction.

What I did was to shim those 2 mm with like 4 shims and it feels great now when turned manually with no gap. I made sure not to over shim and create friction there. There is a picture below. Now the output diff gear doesn't move in or out if you pull or push the center driveshaft once connected.

I just want to make sure this is okay before finishing the kit and test the truck. I never had to do this shimming before.

Thank you !