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    End to wheelies?

    My slash 2wd with the castle sidewinder system wheelies, catches the air, and as a result flips over. Any solutions to stopping wheelies? Thanks in advance!

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    Since you have a Castle ESC, IMO the best solution is to hook up your ESC to a PC and limit the motor's torque via the setting.

    It limits torque by limiting the amp draw so unless you go for a very low setting (say <6.0) it won't impact top speed at all. Somewhere between 6.0 and 7.0 used to work really well at taming my 3800 motor when I used on the track. Level 10.0 is maximum (i.e. unlimited). I found any setting above 8.0 and I couldn't notice any difference at all.

    Other options - loosen your slipper a tiny bit or fit a wheelie bar.
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    Lead weights in the front bumper.
    Try to position the battery as far forward as possible.
    Rake the rear suspension higher.
    Learn throttle control.

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    Are you talking about wheelies when you are first accelerating, or the front end lifting at high speed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greatscott View Post
    Are you talking about wheelies when you are first accelerating, or the front end lifting at high speed?
    YES. Mine was doing both until I learned how to balance throttle - even at speed just a little off throttle will help a lot.
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    As an aside: My stock VXL has never even thot about a wheelie. Would you say the stock ESC is that limiting and/or a different spec. ESC would give that much more? [ not that I need that much more speed ... I race an indoor, really, really, really short course using a 14T pinion and 90T spur. ]

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    CountOmar, you could loosen your slipper clutch a little bit, I run mine in 3/4 from Full tight, or wheelie bar would probably be the true solution here. The programming Mechanic mentioned would work as well.

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