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    Best Servo + ESC + Motor Combo

    Hey all I'm new at the crawler scene and wanted to know what's a good servo, motor, esc combo?
    Right now I have
    ESC = X Mamba
    Motor = Tekin Roc 412 4200kv
    Servo = Protec Rc 370TBL
    I did read something about getting a castle link card for the mamba to make adjustments. Some also say to get a BEC.
    Well, anyways these are not installed as of yet. I just wanted to make sure Its good enough to use in crawlers?
    Any feedback would be great

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    That's a pretty solid setup.

    The castle link is really needed to get the best out of the mamba x.
    It has a lot of great features that you need the link to access via the computer,plus firmware updates etc.
    If you are not planning to run the servo at a higher voltage.
    Then a bec is not needed as the mamba x has a good built in bec that can supply the amps demanded from the servo.
    I'm running a 13.5t (2900ish kv)sensored motor with a mmp esc on 3s

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    I don't know if it applies for the mamba-x esc on its own, but the two mamba-x combo packages I bought included a coupon for a free castle link or low cost programming card. Go with the card as you can use it as a Castle link via PC and have it handy to use as a programming card on the trails.

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    The Mamba-X has an 8 amp internal BEC, no need for an external BEC.
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    Thank you all for the answers. Now I know for sure what I'm installing in my rig.

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    I just put in a
    mamba x
    holmes hobbies puller pro 540 stubby 2200kv
    reefs triple 4

    Has been a great setup so far

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