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    Dumont Dunes Vs 8s X-maxx. Shredding Competition Hill!! Memorial Day Riding/Bash

    Hey guys

    was out at Dumont Dunes, near Baker, California, out riding and camping for the holiday weekend.

    I bought out my x-maxx, strapped her to my atv and drove a few miles to one of the big dunes, and we let her rip on them.

    This dune was not even a challenge for the x-maxx. The hardest part was seeing it and controlling it so far away....

    In the video, when I was standing on the halfway up point, I made a pass where I drove the x-maxx in a huge circle around me, but of course, my friends hanging out by the bikes didnt record it.

    At the end of the video I accidently jumped my x-maxx off the top of comp hill. it took us almost an hour of driving the backside of the dune looking for it. We eventually found it, I climbed up from the other side and held my x-maxx above my head and gave a victory cheer lol.

    Was a great day! hope everyone had a good day.

    traxxas v2 8s x-maxx. 26/46 gearing. 2x 50c 4s lipos. Proline badlands mx43's Proline Raptor Body.

    the bike is a raptor 660.

    x-maxx is really tiny int he video might have to click above link to watch it full screen.

    hope you guys enjoy!
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    Cool place to ride!
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