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Thread: UK pricing.....

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    UK pricing.....

    Hello, I'm not wanting to start an argument regarding Brexit/Trump/Exchange rate. I am fully aware that there are differences between America and England (in fact every single country for that matter). Prices are different. Things are more expensive, Tax is different. US generally has cheaper products UK has free health care etc Thats not what this post is about so let me get that in

    I log on this site most days, and I am normally greeted by some sort of offer on Traxxas products direct from the Traxxas Website. This might be free batteries and charger with an X-Maxx, or free lighting kit with a UDR, but this one really got to me.

    The 1/16th range of Traxxas vehicles is an itch Ive never scratched. Ive had pretty much every other Electric off road model, baring the UDR. Ive had a kit Rustler with MSC and Clear shell! But never a 1/16th. And the reason is, in the UK they're very expensive. I then see that theyre on sale on Traxxas site.

    Brushed E-Revo 1/16th: $179 Thats 141.

    VXL: $249 thats 197

    In the UK, those models are 229 and 329. Thats $289 for the Brushed and $415 for the VXL.

    Let me re iterate. Im not commenting on Traxxas' pricing. It is what it is, and I obviously have no issue with it as can be referenced by my amount of Traxxas models.

    but, If Traxxas themselves are doing this discount, why isn't Logic (UK Distributor) doing the same level of discount to the UK Market?


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    I don't know why prices are so much different. Perhaps tarrfis and import taxes? Plus the markup from 3rd party sellers to make their profit.

    Perhaps have a friend state side buy it then ship it to you?

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