These threads usually get lots of good posts, lets get one going here too!

First thing I did today was repair the problem I had yesterday - the original steering horn had stripped last week so I replaced it with an alloy one but didn't bother to use any Loctite on the screws. I was bashing around the backyard and at one point lost steering - the darn screw & ball pivot on the horn backed out and are lost to the ants now. Thankfully I got a set of Stampede front shock guards in the mail yesterday and they happen to include 2 ball pivots in the hardware that I didn't need for that install so I was able to repurpose one and fix the steering up.

The Stampede front guards I'd recommend - they fully protect the lower mounting points of your shocks and, if you have them, sway bars (I have HRs) both of which in my case were taking a little bit of a beating. For $8 they shouldn't be a concern anymore, and the guards fit perfectly. I only used the shock bolt to mount them as it's secure enough and makes it a lot easier to work with than if I'd also through-mounted the sways, as-is they fit fine behind the guard.

Today I got a set of 2.8 Duratrax Bandito MTs and blue stripe Traxxas GTR springs (replacing blacks), popped those all on. The springs don't seem to be very stiff, I've still got preload cranked WAY down to get the a-arms level. The shocks are all on stock lower mounts, outermost upper mounts - if anyone thinks I should change that let me know, I am still new to tuning this. The wheels and tires look awesome IMO and the traction on my driveway and on my concrete patio gets this thing to flip on its back or do massive wheelies if I'm not careful (2S batteries), with the stock tires I could get a little lift sometimes but that was it. Nice to be able to pop the front up just before hitting a jump.

I also got some alloy hexes but have no clue whether I should actually use them (a bit worried about damaging the plastic wheels) or how to install them. I bought them because they were $2

Lastly I ordered a set of the MIP drivers, sick of using mediocre allen keys and today was payday. I wish they offered a ratcheting, slim, handle for the 1/4" drive versions though.

What did you do to your Rusty today?