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    Replaced motor car sluggish on take off

    So I blew my first motor and bought a new one at the RC store today. My son and I are new to RC cars and have no idea what we're doing without youtube and the RC store. With the help of youtube we've replaced the motor, but when I pull the throttle to go it slowly rolls. I thought maybe it was the gears, but we adjusted using the method of putting a piece of paper between. When I turn the gears by hand it feels like they are skipping. Any ideas would be appreciated. We'll be making yet another trip to the RC store tomorrow if we can't figure it out!

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    Is the replacement motor identical to the one it replaced? Do you know if it's brushed or brushless? Because of the magnets the motor will turn harder when the poles line up, that might be the "skipping" you're feeling.

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