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    Esc shutting off

    I had the boat out for the first time. Running 7.4 dual lipos. The boat just shuts off. No lights on the esc. Unplug a battery and it turns right back on. No lose wires. Anyone have any thoughts?

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    YES #1 Your using the wrong packs 7.4 volt packs are 2 cell LIPOS You need @ least 2 11.4 Volt 3 Cell packs to run the M-41.

    #2 The ESC will always shut down on you because it is detecting LOW VOLTAGE CUTOFF @ the default setting of 3.4 volts per cell.....

    Get your self 2...… 3 Cell 11.4 VOLT packs @ least 5000Mah & @ least 30C rating ….. If you run a 25C pack you will puff your LIPOS trust me I have done it.... Every TRAXXAS ID 5000Mah 25C 3 cell pack I had I puffed I went though 6 of those packs
    I changed over to Hobby Power Packs 5000Mah 3 cell 30C rating & never had a issue with puffed LIPOS again

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