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    Seriously considering buying new...

    My old login username from 2005 still exists, but the email to recover the P/w doesn't. Lol! I just thought that is funny..

    So I had either a 2.0 or 2.5 tmaxx 15 years ago.. Loved it.
    I find myself with a used mix match of a truck I bought off OfferUp.. Well it's got issues..

    So.. I'm thinking new Revo this time around. I was bummed to see reverse is antiquated on the current tmaxx. I liked it.

    So does the current Revo model have reverse and a two speed forward transmission?



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    Straight from the Features page of the Revo 3.3 on the main site:

    Heavy-duty reversing OptiDriveŽ transmission
    Two-speed forward/reverse transmission
    Low rotating mass for quick, high-revving acceleration
    Constant drive engagement is smooth and instantly responsive
    Sealed case protects gears & two-speed from damaging debris*
    The Super Derecho

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