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    Larger Receiver Box?

    hi, so i put a glitch buster in my Slash 4x4 LCG and i think it took my like 90 minutes to get it to fit because or a lack of room in the receiver box. does anyone know if there is a larger receiver box that is compatible with the Slash LCG chassis? Has anyone put in a larger receiver box?


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    I dont know of any options but I would be interested if there are any. could definitely use another 1/2”. Even the openings for where the wires go thru
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    There are other options, but not a direct fit to the footprint/bolt pattern provided. The TRX4 RX case with the BEC expansion is likely the roomiest Traxxas case out there, but you'll likely have to drill a couple of new holes to get it secured to the chassis.

    Another option is to dip the capacitor in conformal coating and mount it outside of the RX case.
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