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    Max 8 combo in TMax

    Guys I have put a Hobby wing Max 8 into my TMax and removed the little glow motor, I run it on 4 sells and it goes like stink ...
    Problem is I turn off the rear drive shaft from the box or I turn off the rear side shafts they don't last long what can I do or what are you guys doing to get big power to the wheels on these buggies?

    I modified the gearbox (black box) to have solid drive and use the speed control ESC for fwd and reverse it only has second gear
    I run a 13 /54 pinion / main gear
    The drive and side shafts are the two piece black plastic types

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    I think you're talking about the drive shafts and axles. If so, get you truck the Traxxas CV drive shafts and axles. They're reasonably priced, they last (made out of steel) a lot longer than stock, and if/when you need parts, they're available and cheap too.
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