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    Xmaxx frustration!

    Ive made a post about this issue once before, and it seems to be a rare failure, at least I havent seen it happen to anyone else.

    Well, its the *third* time now its happened.

    First, and second time, (in a row) was when I put new Proline Trenchers on the truck (6s Maxx).

    After taking the trenchers off, it seemed to get rid of the problem. Im thinking it was due to the big weight addition of the trenchers was creating a weak spot and causing the pin to fail. Anyways, ive ran it pretty good at least 10 times since taking the trenchers off, and there was no problems... until now.

    I just took it out the the park - only flat grass and a couple baseball diamonds. I was driving it like a grandma! It doesnt get any slower/more toned down than that - just going fast across the grass, and whadda know, the pin failed AGAIN! For the THIRD TIME! $50 CAD fix that no one else seems to have a problem with, as you can tell makes me very frustrated, almost makes me want to sell the thing.

    If anyone, anyone has any insight of possible solutions to this problem at all, PLEASE, drop a comment below. If I cant fix this, theres no way I can keep my Maxx and have to fix this $50 break every time I run it.

    Im at a loss, please helpppp

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    The axles on the 8S version are better if I remember. There are also a couple manufacturers that machine driveshafts as well. If I were you Id upgrade the drivetrain to be more reliable.

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    I wouldnt run Trenchers on a 6s, in fact I wouldnt run them on a stock 8s. Theyre for upgraded models only imo..

    Replace the pins and run the stock tyres

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