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    new to RC with much questions and wondering what is the stock spec of a Stampede 4x4

    A buddy of my and me each got a used Stampede 4x4, mine is red and he got a blue one....

    I'm new to all this but i know a little on mechanic and electronic so last weekend we were comparing our ride and we were expecting to get the exact same thing but we dont....

    Is there a place to see if one got upgrades or if it is just 2 factory different setup ?

    We both have the 12t 550 cheap motor
    I have a 11/54T gearing with 32p but he have a 11/83T 48p
    I have a 3pads organic clutch and he got a round pad one
    (I stopped there to dismount our trucks but i remain curious...)

    His there different differential gear ratios to choose too or everything happen at the first motor gear set ?

    His truck sound and is faster than mine on the short run....mine is a lot more loose from everywhere so i will start by replacing parts and bearing to help this a bit.

    His clutch was at the beginning of slipping, i was wondering if it is made to slip a bit or not?
    Is the clutch made to slip when we start the RC from a stand still to help acceleration or not?
    And if not, what is the real use of having a clutch there ?

    We did a pulling test against each other and he win despite his failing clutch....I expect the 1.53 time ratio responsible of that but i still don't overtake him on a race, i would thing my gear would speed faster but it doesn't seem to be???

    Should i lower my ratio too unless i swap the motor and ESC ? Should i reduce the spring clamping load on my own clutch to let it slip a bit ?

    Looking for advices!
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    I could be wrong, but my though it, one of you got the XL-5 powered version, while the other got a VXL powered version where the previous owner replaced the Velineon VXL-3S ESC & motor with the XL-5 ESC & motor (but left the gears...spur gear, pinion gear, they were). As I said, this is just my assumption. I don't have a pede...but I do have two Rustler 4xs & a Slash 4x, and all three vehicles use many of the same parts.

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    I searched a bit on each stampede manual and it seem the clutch gear 54T comes standard on each 4x4 models but brushed models should have a 9teeth pinion instead of my 11 so i ordered a 9teeths to try.

    For my friend with 83T main gear it seem to comes from another 2wd traxx....we won't know where it is coming from but it could explain why his clutch is easy to slip if it isn't made to handle 4x4 load....

    Fine for this but it get even more complicated as i found 3 differential ratio too.
    2WD: 2.72 (I exept the 2wd one cannot be used for a 4x4)
    4x4 brushed 3.92 with a factory 54/9
    4x4 brushless 5.22 With a factory 54/11

    humm i will have to check further...And maybe a faster gear is the reason why i burned a 550 12t by just playing around short distance with frequent start and stops...

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    The Telluride came with a 48 pitch (standard 12/83t).
    It shared many parts with the Stampede.

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