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    Adjusting reverse behavior on the TQi/VXL-3S?

    Got my Rustler 4X4 VXL a week ago and man its a blast! Had some concerns about its behavior in reverse. First off it seems WAY too hair trigger and fast. I so much as tap reverse and it seems to go full throttle immediately. It also seems to linger on a tad when I let go. On top of that the front wheels by themselves tend to twist as if i am turning even though I'm hands off the steering. Are there things I can/need to adjust to make reverse behave a bit smoother. Ideally i'd like the same throttle progression as forward but maybe with just reverse speed capped at 50% or even less. No reason why it should just blast backwards when all i'll ever really need is to goose it away from a wall or something. Also want to make sure steering stays straight. No idea if that's a side effect of my Trim being pretty far clockwise. Gonna fix that soon. If not that, maybe a TSM thing? Been away from RC a while so still trying to figure out all the intricacies of this TQi and bushless ESC. I thing I've done already is order the bluetooth module so I can stop relying on the pushbutton/LED blink based menus to change settings..

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    Just curious, but, is the reverse speed the same, shower, or faster than the forward speed. If faster, then your forward/reverse might be "swapped", in which case, your should reset & recalibrate the ESC & Tx. I don't remember the process, but you should be able to find it online (or call Traxxas, as I did, when my reverse wasn't working at all). If slower, or the same, them I don't know, in which case is suggest calling Traxxas. Traxxas' phone support is of the best I've dealt with.

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