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    380 brushless motor in prerunner?

    I was wondering what kind of brushless systems people use in the prerunner, and what sort of modifications would be necessary? I know that a 2s lipo is a must. I have heard about a hobbywing combo, and I've seen that the Castle Sidewinder Micro 2 looks like the kind of thing that would fit, and maybe even a VXL3M combo? It would mainly be motor size that would be my concern.
    Thanks for any help!
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    When I had my SST, I had the mamba micro x, (basically the more powerful version of the micro 2). The motor is not a direct fit. You will have to drill new holes in the mount. I believe with some modification, you could get the VXL 3M to fit, bet it would more that likely be overpowering as it is designed for a larger and heavier vehicle. The Hobbywing, though I have not had one myself, I have heard pretty good things about it, which would probably make it your best bet. Be careful when running brushless, as these trucks are not made to handle the extra power. With 2s you might be alright, but whatever you do, DON'T run 3s. When I ran 3s in my brushless SST, I pretty much blew diffs on every outing. Now you can't say you weren't warned, but if you like extreme power and don't car about your truck, then here is your combo: Venom 1300 mah 3s LiPo, Mamba micro X. Hope this helps.
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