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    Exclamation 4x4 INSANE wheel shaking and speed wobble

    So, I've had aNOTHER problem with my slash. With the wheels suspended, at around 3/4 throttle the wheels get to max 'pizza cutter' status, and half a second later, my slash starts shaking like there's a 100 richter scale earthquake. Also, at around top speed, it gets into ANOTHER feedback loop, where speed wobble exponentially increases to the point of fishtailing till the speed decreases. I'm running stock, velineon motor and esc, regular TQi receiver, and a 3K maH 7-Cell NiMH hump.
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    Standard ballooning of tires which causes less of a footprint on the road. You could balance them which will decrease the vibration.
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    As Double G mentioned balancing is a good idea.

    If you are looking to go fast often then you may want to consider some wheels/tires built just for on-road speed.
    These are grippy and belted just like your 1:1 car tires. They are rated upto 160 mph (not scale speed)
    It will require you to adapt from the original wheel hex to a 17mm hex. (plenty of aftermarket available for that)

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    Is there dirt in your wheel?

    My old badlands used to do this very badly and i read that dirt can get inside them and unbalance them.

    i took them off the wheel and sure enough, there was a lot of dirt in them causing the truck to shake violently at high speeds.

    some people drill/melt little round holes in them to fling all the dirt out.

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