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    Question Looking for chassis upgrade in Bandit VXL


    After a few years of having my Bandit VXL, things have gotten pretty rough around the edges on it (literally and figuratively), and have started to get some replacements/upgrades for it. One thing I would really like is a new chassis for it. However, after doing some research I can't find much. I've heard about the RCM chassis, but can't find anything around the web relating to those chassis, and when I've found old posts with links to the chassis, I get a 404 error.

    So, what would be a good chassis upgrade these days for a Bandit VXL, that is either lighter or stronger, or both?


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    First, almost any chassis for the Rustler will work for the bandit, since they use the same chassis. I have heard several good things about factory works rc, an you should look at their website and send them an email (listed on the website)

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