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    2007 Stampede VXL 2WD Non-Waterproof -- Needs new ESC!

    Hello Everyone (or no one, as I see I am the only thread in this forum section....)!

    I have a 2007 Stampede VXL 2WD with the original motor and ESC. This is the notorious first-generation VXL-3S, where the receptors for the motor wires are soldered directly to the circuit board inside the ESC. The ESC is 2-Pole, as is the motor.

    Inevitably, the receptor has de-soldered itself from the board, and the ESC is no longer functional (cogging and glitching). I tried re-soldering, but this was easier said than done, and definitely did not fix the problem long-term.

    I am between a Traxxas VXL-3S (the newest one, the 3355R with exposed capacitors), a Hobbywing Max10 SCT, and a Hobbywing WP-SC8 for a replacement. I am a "basher", and like to do speed runs on the asphalt and drive through the grass. Mostly I run 2S LiPos, but sometimes 3S. My gearing is 25/83.

    It is important to me that the ESC is overbuilt, as I hate bottlenecks and prefer everything to be working at 75% capacity (except the motor). This is why I am shying away from the Castle Sidewinder series....they seem like divas to me, with barely enough capacity to handle 3S and a truck approaching 6 pounds.

    I have done a lot of reading and searching but most discussion has been centered on the newer versions of the Stampede VXL with the 4-pole Velineon system, particularly the 4x4 models, where the ESC and motor are in a totally different location than they are on my truck.

    The cheapest option is the Hobbywing, while the most expensive is the Traxxas (unless I risk buying used).
    What do you all recommend?

    Thank you!
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    Ive had good luck with the Kinexis system by Horizon. This will be rebranded under ONYX starting Aug 8 apparently.
    The systems cost around 130CA$ and I had a really hard time killing the motor. I tried. I put it over 200 degrees many many times. Like I said I tried to kill it. For 4 years...
    The bigger bearings in the motor took a looong time to wear out and die. The ESC still works great. Runs the VXL motor nicely.
    It never gets hot on 3S. I've got another on order. I like the drag brake and punch control functions and there are a few more too!
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