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    Play/ wiggle on all 4 wheels

    Noob here. Is this common for rc vehicles? I forget if it had any play when my slash was new. The truck drives straight and performs great but the wheels wobble a little at slow speeds(1-10mph) Iím sure they do at higher speeds as well but obviously thatís harder to see.

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    There is going to be a small amount of play in them when the tires are mounted to the vehicle.

    When the truck is new, there are 2 small washers on both sides of the stub axle (the axle you mount your tires on). looking at the rear of the truck, passenger side, a small washer is placed on the left of it, between the u joint and the bearing in the Hub carrier. The second washer is placed on the right, after the bearing and before the set pin that holds on the plastic hex for tire mounting.

    For a better picture, look up an exploded view of the assembly here:

    If the correct washers are in place and there is a noticeable amount of wiggle/wobble the stub axle may be bent (Axle you put your tires on)

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    If you run your truck in wet conditions, you can get water in the tire foam. That will cause a wiggle until you put pin holes in the tread of the tires to release the water.
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