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    Brushed Rustler 4x4 Gearing Help

    I just bought a brushed Rustler 4x4 and am having trouble finding gearing options. VXL info is all over but not for brushed... I know stock is 10t 32p pinion and 54t 32p spur but its tad on the slow side. Was hoping someone may have a better gearing option for better acceleration & speed. I mostly drive on hard dirt/sand infields and streets... Any help would greatly appreciated!!

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    Smaller pinion will increase acceleration and a bigger pinion will increase top speed. Just experiment until you're happy.

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    Being brushed, be careful gearing up for more speed. Brushed motors can't take the abuse of brushless, and can't compare with speed or acceleration. Keep a close eye on the temperature of the motor, and esc. If you do choose to gear up for more top speed, you'll lose acceleration, as the previous poster noted. And the motor will get hotter faster, resulting in shorter run times and shorter motor life. Now dont think going up 1 tooth on the pinion will fry it, just watch the temps. A cheap ir temp gun would be a wise tool to have. Keep the motor under 160, and all will be well.

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