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    Talking Suprising discovery!

    My buddy recently built up a sl4sh and when he was shopping around for motors he ended up settling on the castle sv3 4600kv combo. He told me this and I had suggested that it would run hot as thats what I have gathered from looking through probably hundreds of threads regarding motor choices. After a 20 min. run on our small outdoor dirt track with an average ambient temp of 80 his motor would consistently temp around 130 on the motor and about 125 on the esc. Its geared 13/54 for those wondering about the gearing. I find that the most interesting thing though is that it was running cooler than our other sl4shs with the velineon motor wich would consistently temp in at around 150. And the castle even temps cooler than my 550 novak ballistic 6.5 that would temp in at around 140 geared 18/54 for a similar speed to him.

    Does this suprise anyone else? And what kind of temps are you guys experiencing with higher kv motors?
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    That is VERY surprising to me. I had a castle mamba max with the same motor and couldn't get more than 6 minutes on 3s. 2s was better but it would still overheat.

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    Without knowing how the maintenance has been on each truck there are way too many variables that could cause this result. The largest variable being throttle control.

    I have had 2 different drivers use the same truck before where one would get thermal shutdowns while the other would never experience it.

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