My two kids have a Sport each. One works flawlessly but the other have serious binding issues. It binds occasionally but more often not. When it binds it looses connection when it is turned off and back on. It has kept the binding after off/on a couple of times. Here is what happens with fresh batteries (Tried both rechargables and alkalines in tx. Rechargeables work fine in both the TQi thx and the other TQ thx.) in both tx and car:

I press and hold set button while turning on thx to initiate binding. I press link on rx and turn on esc. The led on the rx blinks red slowly then turns green for a second or so then starts flashing red rapidly. The led on the thx goes from slow blinking red to steady green.

I can repeat this process dozens of times before it finally binds. Today I gave up and tried the TQi tx from the E Revo and that connected successfully after just a few attempts but I didn't dare turn off until the battery was empty just in case. When I got home I charged the battery and turned on both thx and car and they connected. When I tried to bind the car with the stock TQ tx the above mentioned happened again and now it will not bind to the TQi tx neither. I called the seller but I only got a few hmms and huhs. Any ideas?