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    Dual water pick up rudder

    Hey guys, I have just installed the ose dual water pick up rudder on my Spartan. Took it for a test in my pool and I don't see any water coming out of the water outlet. Blew some air through and the passage is clear. Anyone faced anything like this before? Appreciate the help. Thanks.

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    You need to be going about 15 or 20 mph to see water flow.

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    Or, you can make a handy-dandy stationary tester. I just show a general photo here, but to use it you set the rudder all the way in the pipe and use clay to seal up around the rudder. Then you hook up the garden hose, and gently keep turn on the water until you see water squirting out your water outlets. Then look for any unwanted leaks in your hull.

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