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    Upgraded servo & external BEC

    I'm doing some research on steering servos and would love some input. I have it down to the following 2 models but am open to additional inputs. I haven't touched the servo so I may have some misunderstandings below. Happy to be corrected!

    Savox SW1210SG - $84 - Torque @ 6v = 277oz/in / Torque @ 7.4v = 444oz/in
    Savox SW0231MG - $40 - Torque @ 6v = 208oz/in

    My ESC (once I get it back from warranty service) is a CC Mamba X. I have the Castle B-Link and am able to adjust the BEC output to the following relevant options (5.5v, 6v, 7.5v). If I understand all this correctly, if I simply dial the ESC's BEC output to 7.5v to close-to-match the SW1210SG's 7.4v max, I'd be at risk of frying the receiver with too much power. Correct? Also, if I understand correctly, the way to correct this is to use a separate external BEC to set the servo's power to 7.4v while maintaining a lower voltage to the receiver. Correct? In researching the CC BECs, it looks like they come set at a default of 5.25v which means I'd need to buy the Castle Link to program it to the correct voltage... which means I'd have to borrow a PC as I only have a Mac... OR, I could run the 1210SG @ 6v and still get 277oz/in vs. the 231MG's 208oz/in.

    So I guess my ultimate question is this: For someone who just does bashing with his kids, does a SW1210SG + external BEC + Castle Link + borrowing a PC really make any sense? It's twice as strong as the 231, but does that REALLY matter for my scenario. The stock 2075 is only 125oz/in so either option is an upgrade. Or, if I rule-out running at 7.4v, does the 1210SG @ 6v or the 231MG @ 6v make more sense given the driving I do? I'm a big fan of buying quality components but the price gets up there quickly. Thoughts?


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    I put one of these in my Slash 4x4. Throws my 2.8 Trenchers around like nothing. I run a HW WP SC8 esc at 6.0v (IIRC) I do run a gltchbuster but not sure it's needed.
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    What does a BEC even do?

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    It takes the full battery voltage and steps it down to power the receiver and servos. Stock is around 6.0v and not programmable. My Castle ESC is 5.0v (I was ticked when I realized this). You can wire in an external BEC and change the voltage but keep in mind the max rating for the receiver and servo you have installed.
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