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Thread: slash 4x4

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    slash 4x4

    I have a weird question I have a slash 4x4 with current gearing of 20/54 running 3s 8400mah battery is their anyone getting descent speeds with this setup no gps on slash 4x4

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    define decent? if you aren't running an aftermarket speed control and motor, that is going to turn into a fireball pretty soon. that gearing is near aggressive, and on a 3s is severely pushing it.

    if you have no way to determine speed, then how are you basing that you aren't going fast enough? my slash is highly modified, but I was going high 50s on 2s verified by digihud on my cell phone strapped to the chassis using gps

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    My ultimate will do 55 with the 13/54 on the same 3s battery you're using. I don't have the GPS telemetry, and I haven't strapped my phone to the car, just basing off engine rpms through the companion app dashboard. I found out pretty quick with the 3s that I needed to cool the motor and esc long before the battery wears out, so the integy heatsink and dual fan on the motor, and the traxxas esc fan are in there now, and I'm having no problems.

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