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Are you sure your mounting the pinion so the grub screw is on the flat spot on the motor shaft?
You, Sir, are a genius. Either that or I'm just a half wit. I did say I was new to this game didn't I? Anyway as you correctly suggested I hadn't realised or noticed that the motor shaft has a flat side to it. I've now re-adjusted and locked down the grub screw on to the flat side of the motor shaft. Won't be able to test run it until the weekend but I'm pretty sure that is the problem solved.

A big shout out also to NickRugger on the use of the washers as spacers to help align the spur and pinion properly. Whilst on holiday in the UK I picked up a pack of M4 size (not sure if that is an international sizing measure but thought I would mention it in case anyone else looking for which size to use) washers and have used three of them to space it properly as in the picture posted by NickRugger above.

Everything set now just bring on the weekend for me to give it a bash and hopefully I'm back in business.

Thanks to everyone for all the assistance.