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    Traxxas UDR looking slash

    Really digging the Fox livery on the UDR and found the decals to fit on the UDR, but downsizing the same scheme to be on my Slash might look cool even if it's not the right style truck. I found the decals on Hobbytown and may try to use some of them to get the main gist of the look, but has anyone seen any stickers set up to fit a 1/10 body? I can do the painting with all my model airplane paints and air brush, but getting the sponsor decals to fit might be a little interesting.

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    I print my own using address labels for the format, be it white background or clear, cover witha piece of scotch tape. Granted, the few I've done weren't large and didn't have to fit onto a large compound curve. See for yourself here:

    20160108_091511 by MAC FAB, on Flickr

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    That is a really cool setup with truck and trailer.

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