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    which parts usually wear first

    i got my pede used and i noticed a lot more play in axles and steering than another one i compared with.

    I ordered some new parts to help it but i was curious to see which one are you usually replacing more often ?

    i think i figured out where is the major play on mine (some hub, tabs and knuckle have play)
    Do washers also wear out ? i didn't dismantle the bearing yet. I was waiting to receive the new ones but i didn't ordered washers, should i get them too ?

    What about the plastic wheels, does it help to change them, i did see some kit to get larger nuts??? is it really something useful if i'm still with a 550 12t on nimh ?

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    For me, stock speed control mount and stock shock caps broke first. Fixed speed control mount with RPM cage and looking at aluminum shock caps.

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    The 12 to 17mm wheel hex conversion is a must on these trucks.

    Somehow builds are never done....

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    Tierod ends always get sloppy for me. Only traxxas ones though.

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    This will TOTALLY work, saw a guy on YouTube do it

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    i installed all the new hubs, knuckle and bearings...(differencial bearings take a bit of time...) some new bearing was a bit slack in the hub, i used blue locktite. after all that, my wheels was still loose, i reduced the play by about 25% ....

    i found some thread here about washers between bearing and hex...i had a box of copper crush washer ordered on ebay that was suppose to be for car oil drain plug but all of them was too small for that.... but perfect for the pede shaft...Used some and corrected a lot of the remaining play.

    The hex inside the wheel is worn out + the hole for the shaft/screw is uneven so i drilled the wheel larger just the size of the shaft and used another crush washer on the outside between the nut and the wheel to tighten the wheel against the hex hub instead of just against the screw to shaft bore. That thing was designed to wear...

    To rule it out completely, i would need new wheels and if i do, i think about 17mm conversion...especially after reading Gripdog7205 comment...

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