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    Thoughts advice

    Hello Gang! I am new to the the forum and hope someone can help recommend a solution. I have a Nitro Hawk Model 3104 late 90's version. I am looking for replacement steering blocks and wheel spindles. The original part number is 1637 however, I am unable to locate the originals or a cross reference for a suitable replacement / compatible part. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    A couple years ago I replaced the original .12 engine with The Traxxas pro TXR .15 engine. I thought it may be a good Idea to replace and upgrade the transmission as well. I haven't investigated that yet but thoughts on that would be great as well. I am finding replacement parts for these late model Nitro Hawks are becoming harder to find these days. Thanks again and looking forward to your thoughts.

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    The 1637 part is pretty easy to find, just keep an eye on eBay, they pop up frequently.
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