I'll be honest, up-front - this thread really isn't for my Slash 4x4...it's for one of my Rustler 4x4s. But, before anyone says to post this within the Rustler 4x4 section, read further..........

I'm in the process of converting one of my Rusty 4xs into a true stadium truck, for racing. I don't expect it to win anything major, especially against the higher-quality, true-race stadium trucks, but, the Rustler body isn't exactly a true 'stadium truck' body...more like a car-truck hybrid. As such, I plan on replacing the Rustler body with one of the aftermarket Jato bodies. Obviously, this requires replacing the stock 6739 & 6738 shock towers with Slash/Stampede 6839 & 6838 shock towers...or the RPM plastic, or JConcepts carbon fiber units. It also requires adding body mounts (as the Rusty's body mounts are integrated into the shock towers. The following questions are for those who have first-hand experience with not only the Traxxas parts, but also the aftermarket parts.

Starting with the shock towers...again, this is for racing, not bashing...would it be best to stick with the Traxxas shock towers, or go with the RPM towers, or the JConcepts carbon fiber towers (most likely in the form of their 2477 MT Suspension Conversion Kit, which has towers 4mm taller than stock height)? If there are any other shock towers (NOT made of aluminum) that anyone is aware of, I'd really like to know. While I'm partly interested in weight, I'm equally (if not more) interested in quality, strength, and longevity.

moving over to body mounts, this is where things get just slightly more complicated. I could use the stock Traxxas parts (6815R and/or 6715), but there are also two different body mounts made by RPM, plus an adjustable mount system made by Pro-Line. As with the shock towers, if anyone is aware of any other body mounts, I'd like to know. also, as with the shock towers, I'm interested in the same quality, strength, and longevity aspects.

The body is already on its way to me, and I'm in the process of putting together an order (or orders, if need be, if i have to order from more than one retailer) for the remaining parts...but these two - shock towers, and body mounts - are my only "problem" in determining what's needed. The reason I posted this here, as opposed to the Rusty section, is that the Rusty, Slash, and Stampede share a lot of common parts. Additionally, while the bodies of the Jato & Stampede share more in common with the Rusty than the Slash does (all three are "narrow bodies"), of these four vehicles, the Slash is the one most people modify (probably because there's a larger selection of parts...Traxxas, and aftermarket), thus it made the most sense to ask about these parts within the Slash 4x4 section.

So...what are people's thoughts, opinions, & suggestions/recommendations?