Hi guys and gals!

I'm new to this forum and wish to become a regular in terms of helping other build their trucks. I'm mechanicaly inclined and i would like to buy a 4WD stampede unassembled kit. I did some research but cannot find a good esc/motor kit that would take the bashing/speed I would like to give it. I'm no professional or racing person but I like to get the best performing gear when I do something. I've been thinking about building a badass stampede for a couple of years and some questions in a hobby shop + research the net didn't gave me a final answer on what I should do so I am hoping someone here might get me in the right direction. I know I might get many different answers because of the different uses anyone makes of theses but here's what I would like to buy so far:

traxxas unassembled kit
traxxas transmitter
ESC: Mamba X found here: http://www.castlecreations.com/en/ma...sc-010-0155-00 (only if no mods required)
Motor: Brushless, don't know what to look for so far...

Do I need anything else to ride?

also, what are the essentials in aluminium upgrades? Please keep in mind I new to this so I will make everything I can to make the Pede better but it will happen in stages. All in the idea of having fun with it while making it as fast and fun possible.

Thanks in advance to anyone reading this and taking the time to answer me!