Hey All,

Here is the problem:
I installed the RPM Front Upper and Lower A-Arms last night in the 1/16 E-Revo, and have a problem.

The driveshaft will not go back together smoothly....I have to use an uncomfortable amount of force (I mean, enough that I'm worried I'll bend or break something) to push the outside half of the shaft into the inside half. The truck is covered in dirt, but the problem did not present itself until I installed the new arms.

Now, the front suspension is binding badly. If I bottom-out the truck, it stays down and feels like it "locks" down. The truck even stands up, without any front shocks installed! I think I've figured out that it is probably something which is too long, because the travel is smooth at the bottom of the suspension's range and at the top, but binds in the middle.

After removing the shock tie-rod, and the shocks themselves, and then the steering servo tie-rod, the problem is still there. This just leaves the driveshaft as the likely culprit.

My question is:
Do the two halves of the driveshaft (as in, the two halves of each shaft extending from the chassis to each wheel) have to be lubed at all? If so, how? Should they "telescope" smoothly (and if they don't, do you have recommendations on what to do to fix it)? Could these be causing my nasty suspension bind?

Thank you all for your help!