Hello, I have had several nitro trucks for a short period and just bought my 10 y/o a Stampede 4x4 VXL w/ TSM brushless about 5 weeks ago. Immediately it required the extreme HD drive shafts and the Big Bore shocks with spacers added. Since then, it has been VERY reliable. All backyard light "bashing" in med. height grass with a steep hill. After about 15-20 min. it will flash red, never heard it make any sounds though.

We always stop and charge it on the Traxxas single charger, not the Live version. It usually reads 3A, but still starts charging with the led on 1A, takes about 30 min. or so to full charge. Yesterday it read 4A and the charger fans would spin up really high, and it would make an odd sound and shutdown as if the batt. were still full. This made me think we might be instead overheating the VXL-3s each time, vs. draining the batt...??? I plugged the batt. back into the truck this morning and it ran just fine for about 30 min MORE before the truck suddenly died. The VXL never went red, we checked every 1-2 min.

The batt. still won't charge and reads 4A. I took it to hobby shop today and they put it on a new Live charger and it read 12%. Somehow this charger was able to charge it up to about 22% before it gave a cell voltage imbalance error at 2A. They told me to take it home and try and charge in storage mode, but it still reads 4A and won't charge on my charger. I'm not sure what I could have done to prevent this. Any ideas? Do you think we've been seeing temp warnings or low batt. status? Why would my ID charger always show 3A or more when I first plug it in after getting a red flash on the truck?

Also, I looked at the VXL-3 fan, but it's supposedly not waterproof, and I assume it will load up with grass in no time. Should I try one anyway? Today, I noticed that the VXL didn't seem too bad, but the brushless motor was too hot to touch for more than 1 second. Which heatsink should I try? Traxxas lists two model numbers, (1522 / 3822) but no models are listed. Also found one on ebay from "MR".

BTW, I am also having to rebuild the rear diff. already. Oil/grease seeping out of the left rear output shaft. I guess stock comes with grease in it and 30k up front. I bought 10k for the rear. Hope I made the right decision. Was following advice from a YT video. Maybe would have tried 30k/50k if I had thought more about it...next time.