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    no acceleration

    so I recently just got back into purchasing traxxas cars again been away for a while but was really excited to come across a stampede and an erevo for a really good deal I figured these two would keep me occupied until I can get my Jato again. Anyway the reason for my post here is that once I got into looking around in them I found out I had no throttle on the stampede it has a 2 channel TQ transmitter. I redid the link and all leds turned green with the same results. I went through the process of looking up channel positions on the receiver and dug around in the forums for a bit. I have also tried switching the receiver out between the two thinking I may have a bad ESC but to the same end results. I have left and right steer and all lights remain green on both the receiver and the ESC. So I am to the point that I am thinking there is a problem in the transmitter but I wanted to ask all you awesome people here if anyone may know of something that I have overlooked.

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    Which radio do you have? As you may know, ESC is plugged into Ch2 and servo into 1. Reverse it to isolate the problem, plug the ESC into Ch1 and see if the motor spins. Plug the servo into Ch2 and verify if it works. Perform the ESC test with the servo both plugged and unplugged. If the problem follows the channel then either the transmitter or receiver are bad. If the problem follows the servo or ESC then you've found your problem.
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