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    Traxxas #6533 Receiver Not Binding

    I recently flooded my Rustler VXL w/ TSM. It stopped working. I wasn't sure what the issue was so I purchased a combo package of the VXL 3S ESC and the Velineon 3500. I also purchased a new #6533 receiver just in case. After getting all my parts in I decided to take the old aftermarket Futaba R203GF receiver. Everything worked perfectly fine. So I know my ESC, motor and servo are good.

    I tried connecting the brand new motor, esc, receiver and a working servo up and kept getting a fast blinking green light, while the receiver shows a dull almost orange light. I connected my old (flooded) #6533 receiver up to all the new components and got a similar response. A fast green blinking light on the ESC, but no light on the receiver.

    Looking at the manual, flash blinking green light means a throttle trim error.
    I am unable to bind my Traxxas #6528 transmitter to any of the receivers.
    I have tried multiple things such as:
    1. Binding the receiver/transmitter by pressing the link button (as the manual says)
    2. Reversing the order of powering on the ESC & Transmitter.
    3. Resetting the transmitter to default settings for a Rustler VXL
    4. Adjusting throttle trim settings on the transmitter (as the manual says)
    5. And much more that I cannot think of at the moment.

    Here is a YouTube Link of a video I uploaded today of what I am seeing.

    Please note, this happens w/ both the new and old est, the new and old motor, and the new and old receivers.

    Parts mentioned:
    Receiver: #6533
    Transmitter: #6528
    ESC: #3355R
    Motor: #3350
    Servo: #2075

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    Same problem as me at the moment! I can't get the link to power up so I can connect it back to the handset

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