As the title suggests, I have a T-Maxx 'Classic' that has been in storage for 10+ years. In looking, it seems that resurrecting it does not seem to be too difficult: replacing servos, the boot on the carb, cranking the engine to free it up again.

In the process of getting this back in running condition, I was thinking about adding the telemetry that is available to it for a pet project. I contacted Traxxas and it seems that I can add the sensors to the truck, but have some questions that I am not sure someone has already attempted.

1) Is the temperature sensor really going to work with the engine? From what I have read, it seems it is more meant to be stuck to the side of the electric motor can. I was thinking to mount this either on the block, or low in the heat sink. It seems like it should work, but wanted to see if anyone else has tried.

2) I was thinking of adding the voltage measurement to watch the battery pack voltage, but it is somewhat optional. I am wondering if this will work, or it is looking more for the trucks pack.

3) To do what I really want to do, I need to be able to 'intercept' the streaming data. I believe what happens is that the system uses the RC signal to transfer the data from the vehicle to the remote, the remote then broadcasts Bluetooth to the phone. What I want to do is capture this data with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi to combine with other data. Has anyone tried this? Is it able to be interpreted without the Traxxas app?

4) I understand that for the RPM to be measured I need to change the flywheel to one with a magnet in it for the sensor to pick up. There are mounts, per my understanding, that hold the sensor relative to the flywheel. Is there something that shows how to mount / orient / etc., or is it guess and check?

5) The response from support was not as clear as I had hoped, but I believe to have the GPS speed plus the temperature, speed and voltage, it appears I need the part #6553X on top of #6507R. There is also a mount for the expander + GPS module, but I am trying to make sure that is all in terms of making the connections.

Part of me is thinking to just use an Arduino to make a 'black box' to collect the data without the Traxxas system, but I have had to setup things for RPM before and it wasn't 'fun'.

If you are curious, I have an idea to potentially auto-tune the engine, but I need to collect data with the truck running around.

Any help would be appreciated.