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    Intermittent power after breaking or reverse - any idea's?

    Just took the X out for a quick run and kept on finding no power forward for either a few seconds coming to a stop or having to kick in reverse to then get power forward. It would do this every other minute or so. I have other RC's set to stop before going on power, but this doesn't feel like that, I can go full gas and no movement until I pump the trigger a few times then it all kicks back in.

    It definitely not the TQi as I ran that with an XO1 last night and it was smooth. Does anybody know if I can do something in settings to rectify this? Got a wireless module but the TSM Reciever wont update on it even though the transmitter and now ESC have managed to do so.

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    I just updated 5 of our rigs yesterday and all went through with no problems. Our Xmaxx is doing what you describe with a pause after braking before going forward or reverse but to be honest it's been 4 months since we ran the Xmaxx and I don't recall if that was normal but were not noticing it as a problem.
    Make sure your phone is in airplane mode and the location is on before you try another update if you haven't done this already.

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