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    Please help. 4 tec! 2.0

    So I bought the 4 tec 2.0 brushed system, and I want to build a speed run car. Iím looking to run no more than 4s atm. I need help figuring out what motor and esc combo I should go with, thatíll handle 100mph plus runs. I donít know anything about KVs or how they pertain to batteries. Any information helps.

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    Look into a castle system. Traxxas vxl system wont hit 100+

    More than likely a mambaX ESC. Not sure on what size kv motor ud need.

    This 4 tec forum on this site is deader than dead thou.

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    Castle Mamba X and a 2400kv motor geared up. That should be good to get you to 100mph.

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