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Thread: Sand in tires

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    Sand in tires

    How do I get the sand or whatever may be in my tires out? Theres only a minuscule amount of water inside, so there must be something else, that weighs a fair bit too. Its causing a very large amount of wobble, I dont want to break anything so I havent used it since, just to do tests.

    Ive already done the whole venting of tires and what not that traxxas recommends, still cant seem to get rid of the problem

    I called Traxxas and they said to just buy new ones...

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    You have to take the tires apart either by boiling the rims off or baking them off then replace the foams if there damaged or clean and dry them. If you vented your tires by soldering holes in them, tape the inside and outside of your rims to keep water out before you glue and balance and you should be good.

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    Cut holes in outside of tire. Soldering iron, nail in plyers and a blow torch or use a leather punch. How to do vids out there. Seal inside of tires. Can de glue tires and put new foams in there. It can be a pita.

    I seal up the inside of all of my new tires.

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