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    anyone running LIPO power in the Teton

    hi anyone running 2S LIPO in there Teton my 12 year old step son already went though 2 stock Teton motors in 3 days & 2 trips to the hobby shop. Not worried about cost of motor since there only 10.00 bucks a piece. The Hobby Shop r/c tech suggested gearing up the truck so the motor don't run as hot on LIPO power but said I should ask on the Teton thread for advice because he's not that experienced in the Teton motor or gearing setups.

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    I just put a 2s 7.4 volt venom lipo in mine. Fits flat and adds quite a bit of power. I didn’t upgrade anything else and haven’t had any issues yet, but I plan on upgrading some parts as I imagine they’ll start breaking soon.

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