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    I'm trying to improve my climbing abilities. So far I'm mostly stock with the exception of the steering servo and controller. I also flipped the bumpers for more clearance. I'm thinking about underdriving the rear and adding some brass portals up front. I'm already one of the most capable rigs in my group. I can use open diffs to get places that others can't get to with locked diffs. So I'm not looking to do anything too crazy. Is there any data on how much each of these mods help when climbing up rocks?

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    This will TOTALLY work, saw a guy on YouTube do it

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    Recommend going with brass ports on all fours, it they will help with your overall stability, greatly improve your climbing, and by putting them on the back too, prevent you from doing cartwheels when you are diving down hill.
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    I went a very similar route to that suggested by Jimdog. My Defender has an upgraded steering servo with metal horn, overdrive gears in the front axle, SSD front portal weights and G-Made steel beadlocks with standard size TSL SX super swampers and dual stage foams. I also junked the luggage rack from the roof along with all the extra clutter from the rear. SSD bumpers were added to help approach/departure angles. It's now a much better drive than stock and is less inclined to lift the nose on climbs. Personally I haven't felt that it needs rear portal weights. I'd spend that money on decent foams instead.

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    You can also use lead tire weights in your front tires gives you a lil more grip and less flip back and either dirt cheap or some shops just give them to you.

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