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    spartan new blinking red

    Brand new. it will be running fine 15 min and then stop (no forward/reverse). the esc light will be blinking/flashing red. i tried looking online and the only thing i found was flashing red and green but nothing just red. any ideas?

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    It could be either low voltage or thermal shut down, What batteries are you running? what mah? are you using 2-2s =4s or 2-3s =6s. There's a few different ideas in this thread.

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    What does page 19 say of your manual?
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    It says: (Thermal Shutdown Protection) The VXL-6s Marine is equipped with thermal shutdown protection to guard against overheating caused by excessive current flow. If the operating temperature exceeds safe limits, the VXL-6s Marine will automatically shut down and the ESC’s red LED will blink. The LED will continuously blink red, even if the throttle trigger is moved back and forth. After the ESC cools down to a safe level, the ESC will once again function normally.
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